Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rec. & Park Dept. Doesn't Care if Ala-Gators (sic) Eat The Children: Sick!

Alameda's swimmers had better beware, because the water you swim in could be crawling with alligators! Hidden at the bottom of a page from the City’s own website, like an aquatic carnivore waiting to strike, is the proof that these scaly menaces have even been involved in local swim meets:

Of course, given that they can't even spell "alligator" properly, we can't expect any protection from those so-called experts at City Hall. Knowing this, what parent would ever allow his children to take swimming lessons in this reptile-coddling town? When will the City admit that swimmers, and especially The Children, are in danger of being eaten? After who-knows-how-many years of letting the threat spread, it's time for the head of the Recreation and Park Department to step down, preferably into a pool full of alligators.

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