Thursday, August 23, 2007

5:07 a.m.: Kirkland's Kriticism for Kids


City Council did a good thing supporting extended hours for that gas station. Normally I would be against any kind of change, but my favorite Councilmember ended up voting for it, so it must have been right. In retrospect, there were a number of good speakers with good points. Good job, Council!

A disappointing aspect of the meeting was the "Youth Committee" concept. There were so many kids who thought it was so important that Alameda youth have a say, and their own "Comission". It looked like 20-30 kids showed up to the CC meeting to support the formation of the Youth Board, but not one of the kids had a word to say on the gas station, how they or others their age feel about the gas station, its impacts on them, or what their city should do about it, or anything on the decision which was the agenda item immediately following the Youth Committee vote. It looked like none of the kids even stayed for the discussion; they just filed out after getting the approval for a new comission. Don't they realize the very real impact of the gas station on their futures?

I wanted to believe that The Children are our future, but after last night's pathetic performance, I have serious doubts about the next generation's ability to face the gravest issues of the new millenium, like high gas prices, Squirrels and getting people to stop parking in front of my house. Youth should be taught to complain early and often. When I was a kid, we complained every day, uphill, both ways, and we didn't need any fancy "Youth Board" to do it!

These kids today need to use their God-given mouths and mouse pads to let everyone in town know which side they are on. We all know that there is only one right side, and that is the side that protects The Children. We can't do it without their help. I am OUTRAGED that youth today seem to have no interest in the problems of youth today.

Donald Kirkland

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