Thursday, September 25, 2008

Local Artist Captures the Spirit of Right-Thinking Alameda

Although artists are generally just a bunch of trouble-makers, the Alameda Daily Noose and I have to admit that they sometimes get it right. We were charmed to see this whimsical sculpture on a neighbor's doorstep as we were driving by yesterday. Appropriately enough, the Alameda Daily Noose exclusive photo above shows the scene only moments before said neighbor came hurtling out of his front door to berate us for parking in front of his house.

We assume that the adorable dog statue, which reminds us a little of our trusty newshound, Scoop, is the work of local artist Frieda Bellows. However, when we attempted to contact Miss Bellows to confirm our suspicion, the only response she gave us was one very similar in spirit to the overt message of her presumed work. Obviously, our assumption was correct, and her lack of patience was a sign that she is very busy turning out more such indispensable artworks to adorn our Treasured Isle, leaving no doubt as to the type of reception we give to outsiders.

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