Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Last Night's Meeting of Ennui Board Still in Progress

At press time, Alameda's Ennui Board was still wandering the streets in search of those last few citizens who had not yet submitted written or spoken comments on all of last night's agenda. After the Board has received those comments, it will need to carefully add up the numbers for, against, and neutral on the various items requiring a vote of the Board. No votes can be made until every citizen's opinion has been taken into consideration, and it is clear which way the political wind is blowing.

As Ennui Board member Walter Drib explained to the Alameda Daily Noose and me, after knocking on our door to obtain our comments, the only way for any elected body to make a decision is by counting the number of citizens favoring a "no" or "yes" vote. "Too many politicians these days seem to think that the people elect them to make decisions," Mr. Drib complained. "The Ennui Board, on the other hand, recognizes that Alamedans want to make all decisions for themselves. The added benefit of this approach is that the extra time required to collect input often results in matters resolving themselves, usually through a missed opportunity for action."

According to members of the Ennui Board, Inaction Alameda has praised them highly for their thorough research, which invariably leads them to the correct conclusions.


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