Monday, September 15, 2008

Dave Williamson Agrees: "Bekka Mackeggie is a Moron"


In her letter last week, Former City Council Candidate described Alameda author Beka Mackeggie as a "moron." Ms. Mackeggie asserts that Alameda "is not devoid of humor anymore than Berkeley or Albany are." But one measurement of "humor" is the number of comedy clubs per square mile (CCPSM) relative to the nearest large city with skyscrapers and a subway system, in our case San Francisco.

As the chart below shows, Alameda ranks well behind both Berkeley and Albany, in terms of CCPSM (except in the case of Albany, which is far funnier than its CCPSM alone implies), and far, far behind San Francisco. While Alameda has higher humor levels than, say, Livermore or Fremont (which, despite scoring the same CCPSM, are inherently unfunny), the numbers don't bear out Ms. Mackeggie's assertions. Former City Council Candidate was right.

Dave Williamson

CityLand Area in Square MilesComedy ClubsComedy Clubs per Square Mile (CCPSM)
San Francisco46.6980.1713

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