Friday, September 26, 2008

Dave Williamson Knows How to Solve Problem of Countrie Peripherie


Yesterday's well-balanced article about Alameda-appropriate artwork was timely. "Go away" is exactly the message we need to send now to certain people in our closely knit community. Why? Because Alameda Countrie Peripherie shopping center is boring and ugly and filled with tacky businesses (as the attached photo proves), and is going to lure shoppers away from all of the high-quality bargains available elsewhere on our island.

The Planning Board is to blame. They approved all of the plans for the buildings that now contain all of those businesses that are doomed to fail as soon as they have destroyed our good, honest Alameda businesses. But even if every member of the Planning Board were to go away, our do-nothing mayor would undoubtedly just appoint new members, as if it were important to fill those vacancies.

Now, we might conclude that Right-Thinking Alamedans should tell the mayor to go away, but first we have to consider who is to blame for her being mayor in the first place. Obviously, it's the fault of everyone who voted for her. The solution is simple. Those of us who voted to kick her out of office in the last election all know who we are, so all we have to do is drive away all of the other voters in town.

To that end, it is essential for all Right-Thinking Alamedans to display the "go away" message prominently where it will be seen by anyone attempting to park in front of their houses.

Dave Williamson

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