Thursday, September 11, 2008

Former City Council Candidate: "Beka Mackeggie is a Moron"


I hear that Beka Mackeggie is refusing to admit that she was completely wrong about humor not being deadly dangerous. Let me tell you I have had an especially unamusing day, and its her fault for being such a stubborn trouble-maker. She is trying to tell us that everyone should be laughing all the time. Well I haven't laughed since 1979, and I don't plan to start that again anytime soon.

What makes her think there is anything to laugh about? Maybe she's one of those rare people who's lucky enough to be happy once in a while, but we all don't live in this bubble of wonderfulness. It seems to me that her goal is to ban anything that's serious in any way, as if having fewer problems could make anyone more cheerful. Ha!

Beka Mackeggie is a moron.

Former City Council Candidate

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