Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Unwary Fools Outside Alameda Make Squirrels Feel Welcome


I don't like to leave Alameda very often, and that's mainly because there are too many Squirrel huggers outside our Treasured Island. I was reminded of this again when I had to go shopping the other day for things that I can't get here because our City Council refuses to demand a Nordstrom's at Southshore.

You can see the problem in the photo I took. Yes, those are acorns painted all over the furniture outside that snooty Squirrel-loving business which I, for one, will never patronize! We all know that acorns lead to Squirrels, and that Squirrels lead to crime, as the Alameda Daily Noose keeps reminding us. So why would anyone choose that kind of pro-Squirrel imagery?

I can't believe there are business owners who actually think customers would want to look at a bunch of acorns! That's almost as ridiculous as naming your city after a tree, like that one other city that's not Alameda. I sure am glad to live in a place with a name that doesn't have anything to do with trees. Alameda is a nice town, and if we started doing things that made Squirrels feel welcome, they would ruin our quality of life in no time.

Frieda Bellows

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