Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jimmy Ward: "The Li'l Jets Review: That Stupid Excuse for a School Noosepaper"

Dear Mr. Grumbel,

I hate being stuck in stupid summer school. Why don't they stop making school go longer, and make it better like with longer recess and better lunch food? During the reguler school year I was always asking the student counsil why there isn't more pizza for lunch and they never even answered my question. They shook there head and rolled they're eyes and shrugged thier shoulders and said that the student counsil doesn't control lunches. What kind of answer is that, they are hiding sumthing. Their a bunch of bums that should all be in peached!

The Li'l Jets Review: that stupid excuse for a school noosepaper. A lunch crysis in our school and all the stupid editer of the stupid Li'l Jets Review can do is write a bunch of stupid words in stupid ink on the stupid editoreal page telling the students of our school to tighten there belts and take they're punishmint while the stupid student counsil ignores that thair is no pizza for lunch. Well hardly any only on Wensdays. I bet that stupid paper never won an aword not even a small one, not like your gonna Mister Grumbel, your great.

Its just like that stuck-up Elena whose always the teachers pet. Las year, our teacher Miss Harris let her help with sorting out homework papers just because she was the first one to finish her reeding. That is not fare, and also its not fare how much homework we have to do. Now that Miss Harris has taught Elena how to sort homework papers, Elena's going to start making us do even more homework that everybody but her is going to have to do. Thats because Elena is just mean and Miss Harris is mean also and prolly told Elena how to make up homework questions the same way Miss Harris does. We already have too much homework! Its going to be horrible! All the kids need to know about this and tell there parents how mean Elena is so she can't do mean things to us.


Jimmy Ward

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