Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Unrepentant Mayor Johnson to Blame for Near Choking Incident


I was driving back from the Wienerschnitzel (the one on Webster, I mean -- not that snooty upscale one on Park St.), eating my Pastrami Dog with one hand and checking my voice mail with the other, as usual, and wiping up spills with a page from the Alameda Fish-Wrap, when I got pulled over! The officer told me that as of July 1st, it is illegal to hold a cell phone up to your ear while driving. He actually issued me a warning for doing it. A warning! To me, of all people! I nearly choked on my Pastrami Dog. I've never gotten a warning in my life, and I'm not ready to start now.

The question is, why wasn't I notified about this change in Alameda's laws? I didn't see Mayor Johnson shouting the news through a bullhorn at major intersections as regular Alamedans like myself drove by, and she certainly didn't come knocking on doors in my neighborhood so she could sit down and discuss the changes with me and my neighbors in our living rooms over a cold beer. How is anyone supposed to know what is happening in this town when she is so derelict in her duties?

Frieda Bellows

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