Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Concerned Citizen Right, Everyone Else Wrong


I just wanted to express my distaste with just about everyone on the island. I think everyone has something to do with everything that's wrong with everything right now. There's stuff wrong with the city and with the power company and with the businesses and with the schools and with the residents and with the services and with the Squirrel hugging city fathers, planning board and irresponsible blog reporters. Those blogs really make me mad. They are constantly spreading nonsense about everyone doing everything wrong! And I know they're all doing it wrong, but the bloggers have got it all wrong too, as do the people that write comments and the people who write comments back and the editors of the blogs that call them newspapers and the newspapers that think they're blogs and the logs of the blogs don't even archive themselves right. Is anyone in this town awake at the switch? Are there any lights on in anyone's home? Not here in Alameda oh, no, just about everyone has got it all wrong.

Oh, except me. I'm right.

-- Coho Jerkins

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