Thursday, July 10, 2008

Do-Nothing Council Busy Fiddling While Alameda Burns


Good thing you called out our City Council on that ball-throwing ordinance they tried to ram down our throats! I have another bone to pick with those bums, too. That is, the horrible weather we're having lately. I'm out here baking in this heat wave, and what is the Council doing about it? Nothing! They're just going on and on about some "budget" that has no affect on me or anyone else that matters.

In fact, the Council is probably to blame for the sky-high temperatures in this town. Maybe it's all that hot air they keep blowing instead of actually doing anything about my problems. It really burns me up the way those do-nothing bureaucrats are constantly at work, meddling in our affairs, instead of just minding their own business. I guess the only way to get some relief is to vote 'em all out of office. If it weren't so darn hot, I'd start a petition against 'em, if only it wasn't so much trouble to write up a petition.

Hot under the collar,
Bernie Freudenfeuer

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