Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mr. T. Pities the Fools Who Built the Super-Mega-Monster-Plex That Everyone Hates


I love your article on the disgusting movie multi-plex. I think that place is absurd and disgusting...I am also sad that the Central Cinema will have to move. I moved to Alameda because it seemed to be an progressive place to live-apparently not! : ( BTW, do you know what happened on Webster St. last night? I am actually looking for some local news on why there were 80 zillion cop cars in Oakland on Broadway and here in Alameda on Webster last night.


Editor's Comments:

The Alameda Daily Noose and I welcome T.V. personality Mr. T. to our Treasured Island, because he clearly has excellent taste when it comes to coverage of the Super-Mega-Monster-Plex That Everyone Hates. Certainly, the absurdity is abundantly obvious in our noose stories on the subject.

As long-time readers know, we always get the scoop on nooseworthy events in Alameda. Therefore, if you don't see something mentioned here, it can't be anything worth reading about. We're sure that was the case with the incident on Webster Street, whatever it was. You will note that we are not attempting to blame either the horrors of the Super-Mega-Monster-Plex, nor the non-event on Webster Street, on Squirrels. That is because we implicate them only where there is reasonable cause to do so, and not because we are obsessed.

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