Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Show the Squirrels Who's Boss: VOTE!

The Alameda Daily Noose and I will not be publishing a Tuesday edition this week, because we are too busy keeping our fingers crossed for Mike Hucklebee to win the Presidential primary. His uniquely tough stance on Squirrels makes Mr. Huckleberry the candidate for all right-thinking Alamedans.

Although our main occupation today will be waiting impatiently for the election results to confirm that Mike Huxtable is the winner we know he is, we also anticipate the satisfaction of seeing the casino propositions fail. We're not entirely sure what those propositions would accomplish, but we generally don't like casinos. Mrs. Grumbel likes to go to casinos, but we can't understand what compels her to get on that tour bus every week and go sit around in some smoky place that is probably full of reckless thrill-seekers risking everything they have on the chance of catching Lady Luck's eye. Alameda is much more interesting.

We know it will be hard for our loyal readers to get through the day without any scoops or investigative journalism in the classic sense, but you will just have to be strong until we return on Wednesday. Meanwhile, be sure that when you cast your ballot for Mike Huckleberry that you also write in Heidi Wilson for Vice President. Miss Wilson has not yet contacted the Alameda Daily Noose and me to let us know whether or not she has accepted our impassioned plea for her to enter the race, but your vote can only help convince her if she has not decided to run yet.

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