Friday, February 22, 2008

Former City Council Candidate Urges Boycott of Unmentionable Event


I can't believe you are giving free publicity to an event that should be buried under 20 feet of bay mud and never mentioned again. That's right, I'm talking about the "forum" that is going to be held tomorrow from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm in Kofman Auditorium in the historic Alameda High School building at 2200 Central Ave., between Oak St. and Walnut St. There is no way that any Right-Thinking Alamedan should even CONSIDER attending even PART of this completely rigged "discussion" of development in our town, because their panel of "experts" will not include a single Alamedan like me.

They practically begged me to go up there on stage and speak along with whatever slime-balls they ended up choosing, but I turned them down flat. I said I wouldn't want any part in a panel that didn't include any Alamedans like me.

The whole thing is going to be a huge waste of time, so I don't know why you even mentioned it. In addition to the lack of Alamedans like me on the panel, I'm sure there won't be any real Alamedans like me in the audience. In order to protest the complete absence of Right-Thinking Alamedans, I am calling on all Right-Thinking Alamedans to BOYCOTT this event. I'm going to ignore the whole thing from start to finish, and I expect to hear very soon about what a horrible failure it was.

Former City Council Candidate

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