Friday, February 8, 2008

Developer Drooling Dream Team, the Planning Board Is, Yes!


What's wrong with this picture? All of the Mayor's appointed Planning Board Members are on record as wanting to dump Measure Acorn. We have them all on tape, but the tape is so shocking we're not showing it to anybody. You'll have to trust us on this one.

Anyway, this so-called Planning Board insists on oak, walnut and fetid buckeye trees in every project, then complains about "nutty" developments and blames Measure Acorn for what they approved. Everyone knows that those Evil Developers are in league with the Squirrels. Housing, in the middle of nowhere, all nut trees and open fields, no demands on the Evil Developer for creative designs and suddenly the place is overrun by Squirrels playing "bingo," and its their number one poster child example of why we should get rid of Measure Acorn.

Back in my day many award winning and soon to be award winning projects such as Curmudgeon Estates and Grump Landing, which as you well know is the home of Alameda Daily Noose World Headquarters, were developed in compliance with Measure Acorn, not a Squirrel in sight; look at them and see what a good Planning Board can accomplish.

There is a vacancy on the Planning Board and avowed anti-Measure Acorn opponent John…Knox…White has applied. If the Mayor nominates him, Alameda will have its first ever 100% anti-Measure Acorn Planning Board. Alameda has an Evil Developer drooling dream team on the Planning Board composed of high tree density advocates, with a nutty taste in their mouths, who never question Evil Developers assertions of what they must build to appease their secret allies the Squirrels.

Bottom line, Planning Board is appointed and cannot be recalled. Mayor and City Council appoint them; remove them and set a policy of "The Buckeye Stops There".

Janice Lighter-Merv

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