Friday, February 1, 2008

Convenient New Bicycle Parking Added on Park Street

We all know how pointless it is to install those so-called bike racks around town, because everybody drives cars. The Alameda Daily Noose and I have heard that some people ride bicycles for fun now and then, but what is one to do when hunger strikes during a purely recreational weekend bicycle jaunt? Now, there is an answer. Park Street business owners have started instituting convenient, lock-free bicycle parking areas right in front of stores that provide much-needed carbohydrates and other touring needs. Since no-one walks anywhere, it's a good thing that what was once wasted sidewalk space will be put to good use this summer. We are sure that Park Street will start removing those ugly bike racks as soon as this new system is well-established.

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Anonymous said...

Another solution, for when Park Street sidewalks become too clogged with bikes, is to lock the bikes to the oversized bumpers of parked SUVs. Or better yet to the bumpers of double-parked SUVs.