Monday, February 25, 2008

Former City Council Candidate's Boycott Successful…Too Successful


Well, the chickens have come home to roost. Thanks to my call for a boycott of the "forum" that was going to be held in Kofman auditorium this Saturday, the so-called event was a complete failure, by which I mean success. As you can see from this photo I shot with a zoom lens from the lobby, not a single Right-Thinking Alamedan showed up, either in the quote-unquote audience or on the supposed panel. If you look closely, you can see the hired-gun "moderator" up on stage, struggling to contain the angry mob of absentees.

If any Right-Thinking Alamedans had attended the forum, they would have heard one outrageous argument after another not being made, as people didn't muddy the water with facts. They would have seen deceptive photos of cleverly disguised high-density housing not being projected on the screen behind the non-existent panel. They would have erupted into applause every time a non-speaker did not say how nobody trusts the City Council, the Planning Board, or anybody else in city government, and how even his own mother is starting to seem a little suspicious these days. They would have cheered when someone did not step up to the mic to demand that we throw the heartless, shifty, no-good, greedy weasels out of office.

You know, writing about what didn't happen last Saturday makes me realize what a shame it is that my boycott was so darned successful. If the so-called forum had proceeded as planned, I would have had so much more to complain about today. I haven't been this frustrated since my ill-fated vacation!

With dislike, distaste and detestation,

Former City Council Candidate

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