Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Laetitia Fernside Appreciates Factual Accuracy of Alameda Daily Noose

Dear Rog,

Your fact-checking is so accurate! Not like that nonsense in other major news media and those government-propaganda textbooks that we had to read in school. Your article on Alameda's greatest presidents was right on target, dispelling a lot of common myths about Washington and Lincoln. Back in the day, I'm pretty sure I attended Washington School with George, long before he was a general. I'll never forget what he said when he chopped down that Japanese cherry-blossom tree: "I cannot tell a lie; it was blocking my view."

What an honest guy! We just don't have leaders like that anymore. Some of them in this town actually insist on planting more trees, even as they claim that they are not soft on Squirrels. Hogwash!

Laetitia Fernside

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