Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Long-Awaited "KFC" Coming to Park Street Shopping District

Dear Rog:

Residents may have noticed the sounds and sights of new construction in the Park Street area for the first time in many months. Yes, that's right, we have a new restaurant coming to the Park Street Shopping District, one that people have been demanding for decades. It's a new business that comes our way all the way from the state of Kentucky, famous for its blue grass music, Bourbon Street, and that adorable little "KU Jayhawk" college mascot. Yes, it's called "Kentucky Fried Chicken", or for those "under twenty" hipsters for convenience in typing into their twittering eye-phones and BlueBerries, its short name is KFC.

We are more than a little excited to have "KFC" finally coming to Park Street! It will be opening up at the corner of Park Avenue (Park Street's younger sibling, but still a part of the Park Street district) and Encinal Avenue, across from Jackson Park. This is great improvement to this corner, which has been needing some fresh businesses for a while. All that we had at this corner was a "restaurant" that was, coincidentally, also called KFC. We're glad that eyesore of a building has finally been demolished and the owners of that seedy dive kicked off of the island, as it was a drain on the Jackson Park area's charming character.

Come by and say "hello" to the friendly construction crew as they put the walls and roof up on Alameda's soon-to-be favorite restaurant. This new part of the Park Street Scene promises to be classy yet family-friendly, and great for both lunchtime high school students on a tight budget as well as the most discerning eater looking for a four-star experience. And don't worry, the owner promises plenty of flat-screen televisions—one over each booth!

—Michael Moose
Executive Director
Park Street Merchants' Association


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