Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lon Geddoff Criticizes Cockamamie Clock Customs


This stupid "Daylight Saving" business threw off my whole day on Sunday. Why didn't anyone come knocking at my door on Saturday night to tell me to turn my clocks ahead an hour? What do we elect our do-nothing public officials for, anyway? I missed several chances to yell at people who parked in front of my house on Sunday before I realized that they had all parked an hour earlier than I would usually be keeping an eye out for that kind of thing.

So, whose idea was this cockamamie custom of turning our clocks ahead? I don't much mind that day later in the year when we turn our clocks back, in fact I think we should turn the clock back more often here in Alameda, but what's the point of undoing that work by turning the clock forward again a few months later? That just puts us right back in the same lousy situation we tried to fix by turning the clock back!

I suppose I'll keep turning my clock back like some "expert" apparently says we're supposed to, but I expect everyone else to meet me halfway on this thing. From now on, everyone should refuse to turn their clocks forward in the spring. It might take a while, but maybe we could eventually work the town back to 1952 that way.

Lon Geddoff