Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Outraged Alamedan Donald Kirkland Asks, Has the "Titanium Dame" Gone Soft?


You know, I always used to admire Former City Council Candidate, but after seeing her letter from yesterday, I am beginning to think that she lacks the ability for critical evaluation! Has the "titanium dame" finally gone soft? Criticizing government and tearing down our public officials is one of the highest forms of public service. Sure, she managed to kick our good-for-nothing ex-Dog Catcher while he was down, but then she goes on to call the City Council a bunch of geniuses? In one fell swoop she destroyed all of the goodwill she has built up through her many years of patriotic complaining.

If those conniving weasels on the council are such geniuses, why did they hire Dirk Tarbeau in the first place? And why did they chicken out and give him the boot behind closed doors instead of following the correct procedure: a properly noticed public meeting with a big vat of tar and a bag of feathers, open to all torch and pitchfork bearing members of the general public?

Burning with righteous indignation and pointed outrage,

Donald Kirkland

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