Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Don Perata Avoids Being Photographed for the 8,678th Time

In a rare public appearance yesterday, Don Perata, former President Pro Tempore of the California Senate, managed to avoid being photographed for the 8,678th time.

The former politician, announcing his intent to run for either the Mayor of Oakland or the California Board of Equalization, announced that he was putting all of the controversy surrounding his tenure in the state Senate behind him, and asked voters to give him a fresh chance.

Perata was asked to comment on his tendency to avoid public scrutiny and photography.

"No, the rumors that I'm a vampire are just not true," laughed the politician. "I just move very quickly, and modern photographic technology just can't keep up with me. And hopefully, neither can my opponents."

Perata, described by reliable sources as being somewhat overweight with gray, receding hair, was last known to be photographed for his St. Joseph High School Class of 1963 Yearbook, shortly before announcing his decision to run for Class President.

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