Thursday, March 26, 2009

Roger Rates Recent Interwebcasts

Roger's ratings of meetings initially interwebcast in the past 14 days, with the most recent shown in green:

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Corica Have Mercy:

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This Is an Outrage:
Regular Meeting of the Alameda City Council, March 17, 2009
Despite public outrage, the Council majority voted to force homeowners to house their in-laws for extended periods, whether they like it or not. One of the public speakers in favor of this blantant governmental abuse used the wrong word at the 1:12:42 mark, so we can safely assume that everything he said was inaccurate and deliberately deceptive.

Golden AcornGolden AcornGolden Acorn
So Many Things to Get Annoyed About:
Regular Meeting of the Planning Board, March 23, 2009

Golden AcornGolden Acorn
Run-of-the-Mill Shenanigans:
Regular Transportation Commission, March 25, 2009

Golden Acorn
Nothing Worth Complaining About:

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