Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Graffiti Around Tim Gubitnik is Proliferating


Lately, I've been seeing graffiti wherever I go. It seems to be proliferating. The photo I sent, for example, shows a sticker on a street sign not far from my house. I've seen similar ones elsewhere in my neighborhood, too. It's obvious that it was put there by someone who is not from Alameda, because no true Alamedan could be so crass as to deface signs and leave unreadable scribbles all over my neighborhood.

Do you believe the increasing amount of graffiti surrounding my house is correlated with the City Council allowing uncaring outsiders to infiltrate Alameda? I pose this question as a resident of Alameda. I have utterly renounced all ties that I might have once had to cities other than Alameda, so you can be sure that I'm not the one doing any of this graffiti.

Tim Gubitnik

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Anonymous said...

Go here and click on the graffiti link:
Someone from the city will come scrape the sticker off.