Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Local Business Helps Rejuvenate Our Weary Strigiform Heroes

The Alameda Daily Noose and I know all too well that doting pet owners love to pamper their faithful companions. For example, we are always sure to get our loyal newshound, Scoop, a new fish-wrap themed squeaky toy as soon as he has finished shredding the journalistic practices of the old one.

For those with certain of the more exotic pets, however, it can be hard to find the right resources. Fortunately, Alameda's own luxury owl boarding and day-care center has just what the noble birds need to re-charge their Squirrel-hunting batteries. Now, you'd think that mere Squirrels would be no match for their strigiform foes, but these rodents can display a surprising level of cunning and chutzpah.

At this premium resort, expert (yet refreshingly approachable and not at all elitist) preening specialists are on hand to ensure tip-top flight feather performance, and a complimentary slice of mouse pâté comes with every herbal talon wrap treatment or invigorating deep-tissue wing massage. Visitors may observe the relaxation arboretum and treatment rooms from a polite distance, and leave with renewed confidence in the health of Alameda's strigiform population.

Thanks to a recent building expansion, Alamedans now have even more Hoot Spa. If you've never experienced the Hoot Spa here in Alameda, you are missing out; it's a hoot! And there is plenty of free parking.

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