Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Walt Piro: Now Is the Time for Bold Inaction!


I wish to agree in the most incontrovertible terms with the assessment of Janice Lighter-Merv regarding the abysmal state of so-called planning processes in Alameda. It is absurd to paint a rosy picture of the future when there is, for all practical purposes, as far as I can discern, no future. I read several dozen newspapers every day, while glued to the T.V. news, so believe me when I say that we are all doomed.

These people come to town with what we academics call aerial crustiform manifestations, or what someone who reads only five or six periodical per day might call "pie in the sky." Now is not the time to "plan" for a "future" that, in all likelihood, will never arrive; nay, now is the time for bold inaction!

Walt Piro

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