Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Author" Event Tomorrow Night

Alameda author and suspected Squirrel-Hugger Beka Mackeggie will be giving a reading tomorrow night at the Printer's Ink Incorporated bookstore on Park Street. It should be a very stimulating and educational public event, as long as Right-Thinking Alamedans turn out in sufficient numbers.

The author will have exactly three minutes to present the thesis of her new book, and members of the audience will have unlimited time in which to point out why she is wrong. Naturally, few of those in attendance will have had time to read the entire book, which is a ridiculously bloated 200-odd pages in length.

You needn't look far, however, to find flaws in this book. If you leaf gingerly through the first few pages, taking care not to read entire sentences unless absolutely necessary, you will soon be exclaiming derisively over the fallacies therein, and brilliant counterpoints to her arguments will fly from your lips with scarcely a thought. Or, if all else fails, just call the author a moron.

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