Monday, October 6, 2008

Reader Praises Alameda Daily Noose


I love the Alameda Noose, but please, pleeease change the yellow
background color as I can only read in 15 sec burst before my eyes
burn and seizure starts!!


Editor's Comments:

We can't blame our Right-Thinking fan for loving the Alameda Daily Noose so much, but she also can't blame us for what is so clearly a serious vision problem, probably with genetic roots. Chris, before this problem gets any worse, potentially preventing you from reading our Award-Winning Noosepaper at all, we suggest that you immediately visit an opthamololola…optomisterist…uh, eye doctor.

And we hardly need to mention that there is nothing wrong with our choice of background color. The Alameda Daily Noose and I never make mistakes; therefore, it is impossible that our color choice was a mistake. Not only does it look great to us, but the color yellow is widely recognized as representing bravery and journalistic integrity, both of which are essential to the work that we do. So best of luck with those new glasses, Chris.

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