Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hamsters Are Inappropriate For Alameda Point


Regarding Mr. Enthusiast's letter about Personal Rodent Transit (P.R.T.), I have to point out that such a transportation "solution" is completely inappropriate for Alameda Point. I would much rather see a plan for the point built around a much more energy efficient system, such as the much larger Monorail Cats. A Hamster-based system would not support use by the average Alamedan, so I don't even think it would function effectively as a feeder system for the Monorail Cats, as some have proposed. Unlike P.R.T., a Monorail Cat system can be scaled up to carry even more passengers in newly developed larger vehicles. The only way to prevent future traffic problems is to get convenient, self-cleaning Monorail Cats in place at Alameda Point before the first shovelful of earth has been turned in the redevelopment process.

Cathy Handler

Editor's Note:

The Alameda Daily Noose and I agree that it's ridiculous to expect Alamedans to ride around on Hamsters, but we are no less repulsed by the idea of Monorail Cats. Even apart from the obvious disadvantages of Cats, there is the problem of elevated tracks. The supports for those tracks look too much like trees, and would therefore attract more Squirrels to our already Squirrel-infested island.