Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Feet? More Like Outraged Feet for Outraged Alamedan Donald Kirkland


Walking to Park Street yesterday, I noticed that Happy Feet, a children's shoe store was opening soon. Isn't it interesting that right after Measure H passes, a children's shoe store opens on Park Street? This is proof of what I said during the campaign, that Measure H was going to drive out all mom and pop businesses and replace them with child-related enterprises. Do you know who has children? Don Perata. In fact his daughter lives here. As a child- haver, Senator Perata was clearly behind measure H with the direct intent of supporting them through the creation of an all-children's business district. I can only imagine what nefarious awfulness he has planned for us next. Can nobody stop him?

As always, outraged,

Donald Kirkland


Anonymous said...

We could solve a lot of Alameda's problems if we just banned children altogether. Think of it! No more whining about the lack of money for sports and other extra-curricular activities, teachers salaries, etc. No more ill will among the business people and unfair taxes. No more pesky crossing guards interferring with our morning commute, and no more chipper store window displays with twee little stuffed animals and ruby slippers. Another bonus--we'd no longer need that whiny bunch of malcontent teachers who only work half the day anyway and spend the rest of the time in the teacher's lounge drinking "hippie tea" and thinking up new and devious ways to make the parents volunteer more so they can work even less. That's the solution I tell you! Right thinking Alamedans unite for a minor-free Alameda!!!

Anonymous said...

All of you should do more research before you speak. Not to mention that you once were a child (you still sound like one)

Anonymous said...

We should be thankful that it's a shoes store and not another nail or hair salon that's opening up there.