Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Against All Odds, Right-Thinking Alamedan Bravely Gives Up


It is all so hopeless. I am a reasonable person with lots of good ideas for how to keep Alameda wonderful, but no-one ever listens to me. I have tried going to meetings, but people who aren't me end up making the decisions. It is nearly impossible to sit through the endless blather of other people spouting nonsense, and then when I finally get a chance to speak, my time is cruelly limited to three minutes, although I have enough ideas to fill several hours of speaking time. Not that I would bother to share them here, because someone would be sure to disagree with me.

I have thought about writing letters instead, but I have no time for writing of any sort. Besides, I can't take even more of my nonexistent time to inform myself on the many frightening issues that threaten my very way of life, as more people would understand if they would take time to learn something about the decisions that are being made at an alarming rate, every day.

It's all very well for people who don't care about their families, and leave their children outside in the rain while they selfishly immerse themselves in sinister reading and thinking about current events. Those people can devote endless amounts of time and money to destroying Alameda, because they don't care what happens to anyone or anything. They are not involved and invested in the community the way I am. Many of them do not even live here.

There is absolutely no point in any Right-Thinking Alamedan trying to do anything, because the deck is stacked against us, and especially against me. That is because no-one gets involved in this precious community, which is quickly going to the dogs. I can't understand why no-one will do anything about this problem, but I'm certainly not going to waste my time in trying to solve it.

— Hazel Smirch

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