Wednesday, August 6, 2008

City Council Foggy on How to Fix Weather


The Alameda City Council can't get anything right! First our summer weather was too hot, and I complained about it, but did they do anything? No!

In fact, things are even worse now. There is too much fog messing up our city's views of the hills and all of that other stuff outside of Alameda, and it's too cold outside. What kind of weather is that for an Alameda summer?

We sit here shivering while our City Council does nothing to make Alameda warmer. Just thinking about it gets my blood pressure up! Boy, it's too bad I'm not writing this letter on a piece of paper that I could use to wipe the sweat off my brow. I hate this stupid high-tech Gee Whiz Mail, and I wouldn't use it if if wasn't so darn handy. But like I was saying, I demand that the City Council act now to provide us with more sunshine before The Children's summer vacations are over.

Steamed about the fog,
Bernie Freudenfeuer

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, Bernie, but your info is incorrect. I have it on good authority that the CC actually OVERdid it and turned the city's thermostat down so low that our current fog ensued. Measure A fanboys beware: your bid to keep our fair city in the 1950s (especially on the former base!) may see the CC scale back ALL buildings, leveling all two-story houses until Alameda regains its "proper profile" of our island - the 1818 Peralta estate!