Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Save Money: Buy a New Car

The Alameda Daily Noose and I spotted the sign in the photo above as we were driving along, shaking our heads over all of the foolish talk lately about Personal Rodent Transit (P.R.T.) and Monorail Cats. We normally reject the notion that we should be expected to sacrifice driving pleasure by choosing a smaller, less-powerful "economy car," but economic realities have been hitting close to home lately. Now, we understand that high gas prices make some people desperate, and give them crazy ideas about getting around by primitive means such as bicycles and cutting edge, automated, on-demand rail, but there is a simpler solution to all of our oil-related problems. Here she is, in all her glory:

Yes, this svelte new H3 is the only cure anyone needs for gas price shock. It gets an incredible 14 miles per gallon while just tooling around town. Why, we might even trade in the Noosemobile for one of these eco-friendly babies! The money we'd save on gas could help us buy a nice 400-watt halogen bulb to replace the wimpy compact fluorescent one that came in our high-end trophy case, which we bought in anticipation of the numerous journalism and interweb design awards that are sure to be pouring in any day now.

And, of course, if we all Right-Thinking Alamedans drove such compact vehicles, our traffic and parking problems would be a thing of the past! We encourage all of our loyal readers to do their part to preserve Alameda's environment by driving down and taking the H3 for a test-drive or two. You won't believe how good it can feel to drive a gas-saving economy car like this one!

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