Friday, January 25, 2008

Extra! Extra! "The Orphanage" to Be Held Over Another Week at Midtown Movies

Everyone's favorite movie theater in Alameda has another hit on its hands! The Orphanage has been showing to sold-out audiences, according to owner Ed Haskell. The Alameda Daily Noose and I will have to take his word for it, since we haven't seen the movie even once, and don't intend to. We know more about orphans than anyone who might decide to make a movie about them. We're sure this film is a heartwarming tale about clean, well-behaved, deserving children from Alameda earning their own way in the world through daily chores and the sale of subscriptions to a soon-to-be-award-winning internet noosepaper, but we see quite enough of that in our daily lives without having to go to a movie about it. However, anyone who does not run an orphanage should take their children to see this undoubtedly family-friendly cinematic work.

Tickets are $8.00, unless you are paying for someone else's ticket too, in which case you'll need $16.00, and of course children don't get in for free, so be prepared to pay for them if you bring them. Also, matinees are a little cheaper, but just call Midtown Movies if you want details about prices, show times, or what refreshments are available.

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