Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Council Must Act to Preserve Priceless Piece of Alameda's History


I am disappointed that one of Alameda's long-time restaurants is being replaced by that "BarSaloona" place, or whatever it's called. I never ate at Luciano's, but I heard it was good. I even peeked inside once, and it looked beautiful, but I just couldn't spend that much money on a meal when there is a perfectly good Wienerschnitzel right around the corner.

Anyway, the real tragedy is that we are going to lose that public art on the front of the building. It symbolizes the deliciousness of food and the importance of mothers in our society. I think the moustache is particularly well done, as well the medal on the chef's chest, which symbolizes award-winning cooking. It really burns my bacon that the Evil Developers want to destroy this priceless piece of our history just so they can get filthy rich by attracting a bunch of mindless yuppies who don't even deserve to live in Alameda to get schnockered at their fancy-schmancy bar-saloon.

Our City Council needs to step in and make sure that the mural is preserved in its original location no matter what business takes over that space. It is part of Alameda's history, and no-one should ever forget that there was some kind of restaurant there once that had wonderful decor, including that mural. If they could leave the inside and outside of the building exactly the way they are, that would be best.

Longing for the good old days,

Brenda Snook


Anonymous said...

Bah, I'm one for iconoclasm, and I say tear the old bugger down. We don't have a Measure M preventing high-density murals, it's just all about bagpipes and squirrels in this town. Not murals. There's no rules about preserving murals. Other murals at Haight School got painted over, never completed, and the artist got kinda mad at the school and the parents and the kids about it, but that's another story, and the mural got nuked. So I say too many chefs spoil the walls.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would rather have a beautiful blank wall to rest my eyes on than some weird mural. That goes for every wall in town.

Sue T. said...

Alas, it is too late -- the mural has been painted over! At least a pictorial representation will live on here at the Daily Noose.