Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Jean Kerkwilligers Breaks Her Resolution…But Who Can Blame Her?

Dear Rog,

I have already broken my New Year's resolution to wait until afternoon to read your latest stories and letters. I just can't stop myself from getting on the interweb first thing every day, which means that then I don't have anything to look forward to later in the day. Could you maybe put out a late edition with updates every day so that I will have something else to read? That is, of course, if you can afford the extra printing costs. I understand that interweb ink is expensive, especially the high-quality yellow kind that it seems none of the other major news media can even afford.

Also, don't ever start publishing less often than week-daily, because that would be even worse than only once a weekday. It's hard enough to get through the weekend by constantly re-reading Friday's edition, which I usually have memorized by Monday. If I didn't at least get my Noose every weekday, I would get cranky, and as I am already very cranky, I'm not sure what would happen if I got any more cranky. Please, let's not find out.

Yours truly,

Jean Kerkwilligers

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