Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Art Barker Proposes Animatronic Chuck Corica to Delight Children with Tales of 1970's Politics

Dear Mr. Grumbel,

As I read your daily on-line newspaper every day, I am saddened by the negative attitude of so many of your correspondents. Don't they know we live on the best island ever? One need only look to the many resources for knowledge available here, like the Alameda Museum.

What a treasure trove of memories! Who knew that there were once bicycles and dolls on the island? All right-thining Alamedans, of course, but perhaps not everyone. That's where the museum comes in, offering plenty of great information.

I especially like the recreation of Chuck Corica's barber shop. I had no idea that in addition to serving as mayor and playing keyboards with jazz-rock fusion legends Return To Forever, he also cut hair! Was there anything that man couldn't do? The only thing missing is a life-sized animated Chuck, sharing his wisdom with the young people of Alameda.

Also exciting are the opportunities to purchase a piece of Alameda's history. Can you buy a pump organ in the gift shop of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art or France's The Louvre? I think not! Score one for Alameda!

I encourage all Alamedans to take advantage of the easy access to history. The museum is open almost every day, almost 3 hours a day, during the convenient early afternoon. Be sure to leave a little something in the tip jar as well. Mr. Corica would expect as much.

Art Barker

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