Thursday, January 24, 2008

Parking Garage Will Certainly Prove to Be the Wrong Size For Alameda


Can you believe that huge parking garage right near City Hall? I just noticed it for the first time yesterday. It must have sprung up overnight. I don't know who would ever want to park there. It's too big! It's obvious that it is going to have way too many spaces!

Of course, when people see all of that empty parking space, they're going to want some of it for themselves. How long do you think it will be before employees at the high school, and City Hall, and nearby businesses, all have their special reserved spaces and their special free permits, and take up two spaces each with their big subsidized vehicles? And then there will be no place for the rest of us to park!

Clearly, there will not be enough spaces in that thing. They should never have built it because it is too small! Don't our City officials realize that people drive cars in Alameda?

Jane Dervish

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