Friday, June 29, 2007

Former City Council Candidate's Touching Plea for Civility


Oh, what ever has become of politeness in our community? Contrary to popular opinion, I'm actually very polite. For example, I hardly ever insult any of the idiots who run our city to their faces. That's why it breaks my heart to see people sitting on the sidelines, week after week, making personal attacks on those of us who are just volunteering our time to try to make our community better. I am not childish, and I'd like to remind anyone who says so that I'm rubber, and he is glue, plus it takes one to know one. So there.

All of those jackasses out there who think that we can have a discussion of serious issues while making snotty remarks about those with opposing opinions should get their money-grubbing hands off of our Treasured Island and relocate their Squirrel-hugging families somewhere else...that is, if they even have families, given that most of them don't have what it takes to keep a partner satisfied, if you know what I mean...but of course, you wouldn't, because I would never be so vulgar and mean-spirited as to bring something like that up in the context of a political commentary.

People also need to clean up their goddamn language these days. I can't understand for the life of me why none of the other major news media are making a fuss about that and the general appalling lack of civility and politeness in this town. Well, I should say that one of the local fish-wraps did mention something about civility in a so-called editorial, but that snot-nosed know-nothing editor got the issue all wrong, and somehow seems to think that people like me are part of the problem! As if I would ever stoop as low as the sniveling New York elites who just want to drag down all of us Jane and Joe Six-Packs who are out there every day busting our humps for Alameda.


Former City Council Candidate


Anonymous said...

I take it this is Barbara Kerr, self proclaimed Hippo Crete...she seem to sign everything as for city counsel member...who cares that was then this is now...just a regular citizen with a huge hump on her shoulder.

Anonymous said...

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