Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Alameda shuffles slowly toward "gathering place" plan


Thank you so much for your continuing coverage of the super-mega-monster-Plex project that Everyone hates. Now that Unaction Alameda has revealed that the new Parking Garage will be made largely of green Cheese and stale Twinkies, it is only a matter of time before ravenous Squirrels and overly frugal Scotsmen in search of a Free meal devour the structural supports and send the whole Thing tumbling down. Fortunately for us Right-thinking Alamedans, this cloud has a silver Lining!

What this town really needs is a Gathering Place. The rubble of the super-Mega-monster-plex project that everyone Hates could be seeded and turned into a lovely meadow. It would be a great place for folks to Gather, perhaps at Night, or at Dawn, or maybe even in the Day. It would be a great place to Wander aimlessly, and who knows, maybe even find a tasty Bite to eat.

This will be a Great chance to turn a Dead space into a Living place. It's a no-Brainer!

Glinda Costman

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Anonymous said...


You have a very good thought but you have to remember that a full blown environmental impact report must be filed before anyone can gather on the soon to be rubble of the parking garage. After the EIR is filed, 23 different public meetings have to be held to discuss the impact of the rubble on the community and wheter it will block the view of Twin Towers Church. Also remember after the 23 public meetings Unaction Alameda will call for more public meetings because as usual, the City of Alameda refuses to take these matters door to door to every resident of Alameda for their opinion.

Until that day, Unaction Alameda will continue to be the watch dog of Alameda. By the way, I haven't seen any squirrels today so we must be doing a good job.