Friday, June 1, 2007

I — I Mean, We — Told You So!

In our continuing duty to let you know how terrible the super-mega-monster-plex project that everyone hates is, we felt we needed to write in with a big I told you so. We warned you that the city was skimping on the details and now we have proof!

The big spanking shiny new parking structure is going to have wooden floors! As seen in this photo that we we took while walking around the neighborhood, you can clearly see that the second floor of the parking garage is made of wood.

How hypocritical of the city council to continue assuring actual citizens of Alameda that the planned work would be of the highest quality. How many cars are going to be able to park on each floor? Two? Three? And doesn't anyone remember the Great Chicago Fire, in which the entire city burned because it was made of wood? Or was that San Francisco after the Big One? I'm fairly sure a cow — or was it a Squirrel? — was involved . . . we confuse these things all the time. Anyway, my photo proves what I — I mean, we — have said all the time . . . this project is a disaster!

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Anonymous said...

I have it on very good authority (the latest and greatest rumor circulated at the last Unaction Alameda meeting) that it's even worse than we thought. We understand the third floor will be made of green cheese (just like the moon).

In addition, the 4th floor will be constructed with recycled soda bottles, the 5th floor with paper mache, and the 6th floor and above will be assembled with three day old twinkies.

I think this once and for all proves we were right about this project from the get go. We call on the council to put a halt to this dangerous project.

Think of the children.