Monday, June 4, 2007

Alameda Museum is the perfect Cultural Entity


There's been a lot of talk about the terrible things going on in Alameda. We have Arts center's opening that are expecting to bring people to them, shopping centers that will increase shoppers, and now, open discussions about Measure A. How did it come to this?

Anyone who moves to Alameda should be required to study and visit the Alameda Museum. Nothing says Alameda more than this venerable institution. It is culture at it's highest and is a beacon to wonderful days of yore. And as all good institutions should be, it generates almost no traffic because almost nobody visits it. We get the best of both worlds! We can talk about the cultural spaces that we have and have them make no impact on the community.

Add to that the museum's focus on Measure A. They sponsor all the right speakers so that Alamedans can rightly understand our great island town, heck they even have the official Chuch Corica memorial, who wouldn't want to know that they could visit an actual replica of the barbershop where Mayor Corica worked, if they actually decided they wanted to visit the museum? The Museum is the only place in the city where one can see where the backroom deals of city government actually took place before California's sunshine laws kicked in---I don't count the back room of Ole's because they attract customers, and customers mean traffic.

Our current council should be looking at Alameda Museum as the perfect institution to be subsidizing, enough with these other ridiculous cultural projects.

Dolores Hepherhumper

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