Wednesday, June 20, 2007

When will the City of Alameda disclose the full extent of its thievery?

Our crack team of investigative journalists turned up this shocking piece of photographic evidence of widespread corruption in Alameda's city government. Amazingly enough, this piece of City property, a sawhorse of some type, was brazenly placed in full view of the public at a recent street fair. Normally Alameda Daily Noose and I would have to dismiss this out of hand due to the apparent spelling error; however, since we agree wholeheartedly with the message, we are prepared to overlook it, just this once.

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Anonymous said...

Finally! Proof that the City Council is in the pockets of the developers. I think the barricade tells it all and everyone can stop asking me where I get by facts from. I get my facts from reliable sources such as the barricade.

It's sources like these that have enabled me to keep a clean record of clarity, understanding, and reasonableness during my tenure as the watch dog of Alameda (woof, woof).

It's too bad we don't have more of these dedicated barricades in the City.