Friday, June 8, 2007

Roy Avery has soggy suggestion for Alameda


Mr. Geddoff makes some excellent points, but the word "bogged" in his letter has gotten me thinking. Why not turn Alameda Point into a giant peat bog? Easy access to peat would be a great benefit to the whiskey distillery out there, and burning peat for fuel could be the energy alternative we've all been looking for. Apart from the existing buildings, we could turn the whole piece of land into a haven for deer, snipe, and mire pill beetles. Who could ask for better neighbors than those? Add a bit of heather around the edges, and Alameda Point would look quite pretty. Ah, I can just imagine the red sun sinking behind a ruined hangar, while an unwise out-of-town traveler sinks into the bog. Let’s bring back Alameda's lost swampland, only bigger and peatier than before!

Roy Avery

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