Monday, June 25, 2007

WILL Sign Save Us?


I wrote to you back in May about our new signs that say "KEEP MEASURE ACORN! LOW TREE DENSITY = LESS SQUIRREL TRAFFIC" (unfortunately it wouldn't all fit on the sign, so we had to leave some bits off, but everybody knows what we mean.) Those brave folks with our signs in their yards are fighting the good fight, but I have seen shocking evidence that signs alone may not be enough! The signs seemed to work for a while, but now I think those beady-eyed little rodents are starting to find ways around them.

I recently snapped this picture of a Squirrel in my neighborhood rearing up on his hind legs - - in FULL VIEW of one of our "Measure Acorn" signs! It was clearly defying both me and the sign. You can see from the stealy glint in it's eye that this Squirrel intends to rob us of our quality of life. It held it's ground for several minutes, until I shouted at it to go to some other City if it wanted to live where there are plenty of trees. The encounter left me shaking. I'm glad there were no Children present.

Clearly, concerned Alamedans must do more to preserve our low-Squirrel density community from bushy-tailed varmints and the tree-huggers who love them. If any of your readers own chain saws or sturdy axes, I urge them to contact me. The time has come for more drastic action!

Janice Lighter-Merv

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