Friday, June 22, 2007

Inspiration from Beyond . . . the Estuary?

Alameda Daily Noose and I are reluctant to acknowledge that there is anything worth covering, to say nothing of emulating, outside of Alameda. However, we recently took a wrong turn and found ourselves in the Lake Something-or-Other neighborhood of That City on the Other Side of the Estuary from Alameda. In our rush to get back to the welcoming arms of our island home, we almost missed this inspiring message. It warmed our hearts to see that the Spirit of Alameda is alive and well throughout the world. Wherever there's a slick-talking elected official or bureaucratese-babbling city staffer peddling nonsense about "IMPROVING OUR COMMUNITY," a right-thinking citizen will be there to speak crankiness to power: "You, Sir, and your so-called expert friends can take your dog-and-pony show about the supposed rehabilitation of our quote-unquote sanitary sewers and flush it down where the sun don't shine! In a word, NO!"

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