Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Alameda Threatened by Crazed Robot Lawyers Running Amok


I have it on good authority that in the near future, Robots are going to have their own lawyers. Chances are that those lawyers are also going to be Robots, which I can easily guess since our Evil Robot Mayor, Beverly Johnson, just happens to be a lawyer. Who better to defend the activities at the Secret Robot Base that she is promoting or undermining—I forget which.

Robots are already cleaning people's houses, and soon they'll be delivering all of our mail, and who knows what all. Obviously, the human race is on the brink of destruction, because our beds are going to be short-sheeted, our floors waxed to such a shine that they're too slippery to walk on, and all of our mail will get delivered to the wrong addresses, crumpled. All the while, Robot lawyers will be suing innocent Alamedans for buying those service Robots in the first place, as if it were our fault that our housework is done badly.

Frieda Bellows

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