Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Excessive Tree Growth Becoming a Reality in Alameda


You were right with all your warnings about the possibility of excessive tree growth in Alameda. Lately, I've noticed them sprouting in all kinds of crazy places, including inside stores! I first noticed this problem on Webster Street, but the other day I saw not one, but two trees growing right in a display window on Park Street. I took a photo of it, so I hope the police will give the store owner a warning about the danger of attracting Squirrels.

That's the kind of thing that might be tolerated in those cities that are named after trees, like Oakland and Pacific Grove, but that's not Alameda.

Brenda Snook


Anonymous said...

To be contrary... can't ADN's banner say "Yes on Measure B!"

Anonymous said...

Since Alameda means "grove of trees", I am not surprised about the growing problem of trees. Damn those tree huggers anyway!