Monday, December 14, 2009

Little Jimmy Pulls Down Pants of Deception to Reveal Underoos of Truth

Dear Mr. Grumbel,

I have some great news for you. Everybody knows, " 'News' is anything that anybody doesn't want somebody to know." Thats my motto, and maybe your's too.

So what you need to report on is this amazing story I have about how that dumb Johnny is so dumb that he still wears Superman Underoos like he is a little kid or maybe Superman or both. I saw the empty package in the garbage can right in front of his house, so I know for sure.

That is so dumb. Why would anyone ever listen to someone who wears Underoos, or call on them in class, but our teachers still call on Johnny even thought hes dumb. Even he thinks it is dumb because I told him I know that he wears them and he said no I don't that is so dumb. That means it's news cause he doesn't want anyone to know. He says its not true, which means that it must be true but he does'nt want people to know.

Jimmy Ward

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